Design management


Observe what is happening. But create what you want to see.


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Design management

Nowadays, the term design is inflationary and it sometimes seems rather meaningless. Let us define design in this context as creative leadership, the "possession of a target group". Simply satisfying customers is not enough. In future, the focus will be on recognising the customer's needs before he has recognised them himself. This is design, or more precisely: design competence. But how can we generate this creativity in your company?


warda design provides the necessary resources, saving your company the trouble of having to develop its own know-how. warda design offers you design management as an external service:

- Coordination of all design-related activities
- Motivation and coaching of all participants
- Success-oriented evaluation of processes and results

We create the basic conditions for the professional development of design as a competitive factor, saving you the trouble of having to acquire specialist know-how internally.